Joining the Club's Waitlist

Only Adults need to go on the MPTC Waitlist because the Club sells Daytime Junior Memberships for children throughout the tennis season.  

To join the MPTC Waitlist, pick the path that reflects your existing relationship to the club.


The Waitlist posted on this website is updated manually every 2 weeks or so during the season.   In the off-season, prospective members can still sign up, but we will not update the posted list until spring registration is complete. 

The MPTC Waitlist can be seen here

Note: Court Reserve is the online registration and booking system that Moore Park Tennis Club (MPTC) uses to manage its membership and court bookings.

Which path is right for me? 

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Path # 1: 

I do not have an account with Court Reserve at MPTC or any other tennis club.

I want to go on the MPTC waitlist.

Path # 2

I already have a Court Reserve account, but not at MPTC.

I want to go on the MPTC waitlist.​

Path #3: 

I have kids with junior memberships or in programs at MPTC. 
I want to go on the MPTC waitlist.

Note on the MPTC waitlist:

On our old website, the MPTC waitlist numbered by family.  In transferring the list over to our new site, we renumbered by individual.  Rest assured your place on the list has not changed, even if your number has.

To minimize the amount of private information that we show, we list only first initial and last name on the MPTC Waitlist.  


Waitlist FAQs

I was on the MPTC waitlist on your old website, am I still on the waitlist?

You are still on the waitlist, unless you are one of the handful of people who asked to be removed from the website, or whose email kept bouncing our emails back to us.

Your waitlist number may seem to have changed from the old website since we now count each individual separately while the old site counted an entire family as 1 position, even though our quota for invitations are counted per person. Rest assured that you are in the same position as before.

You can check the MPTC Waitlist here.

Note you now have a Court Reserve account with either a Join the Waitlist or a Non-member Guardian plan (with a waitlist order number in your record). 

I have changed my email address, how can I update my record with the club?

Login to your Court Reserve account to update your info. Your username is your initial email and you can use the Forgot Password? function to retrieve your password if you still have access to your old email.

I am a Non-member Guardian (with kids in MPTC programs) I tried to add myself the to the "Join the Waitlist" plan and couldn't.  What's going on?

Because you already have a Court Account, the system will not let you sign up for another plan. Follow Path #3 to sign yourself up. The Club will assign a Waitlist Order # to your account and you will be added to the MPTC Waitlist.

How can I get help with Court Reserve?

Check out our Court reserve FAQs.

If those don’t help, get in touch with our volunteer Court Reserve Administrator at

Do I need to add my children to the waitlist?

No, children do not need to go on the MPTC waitlist.  You can purchase a Daytime Junior Membership for your child or children during the season.  A membership is required for children to be in programs or camps - but the Daytime Junior Membership remains open all season so your kids can be enrolled.