Court Reserve - FAQs

What is Court Reserve?


Court Reserve is the online registration and booking system that the Moore Park Tennis Club (MPTC) uses to manage its membership and facilitate court booking. 

Frequently asked questions


How do I log in to Court Reserve?

  1. Click on the link
  2. Use the LOG IN button to sign in, as an account has already been set up for you with data loaded from our previous system
  3. Your Username is the email that you gave the club at registration
  4. Click "Forgot Password" at the bottom left of the MPTC Login screen. A link will be sent to your email that allows you to set your initial password. Check your junk folder if you don't see it.
  5. When you have the proper login credentials, return to the Login screen and log in.
  6. If you are logging on for the first time, go to My Profile->Personal Information and confirm/correct the data that was pre-loaded for you

I can't see the Court Reserve menu.  Where is it?

The full menu of options that should be available to you after login to Court Reserve include:

  • Reservations (Book a Court, Practice)
  • Events (Round Robins, club activities)
  • Member Directory
  • Announcements
  • Billing
  • My Profile
  • My Clubs

If you do not see these options, your screen may be too small to display them, either because you are on a smaller device such as a mobile phone, or the window of your computer is sized too small. In either of these cases, the options are available by pressing the 3 horizontal bars at the top of the screen.

How do I add a tennis rating to my profile?

Adding a tennis rating to your profile allows you to find people to play with that are of a similar skill level, and could qualify you to register for various club events such as round robins or team tryouts. For guidance in determining your rating, review the Tennis Canada guidelines here:

  • From the web application:
    • Go to My Profile -> Personal Information
    • Ratings can be found in the top portion of the page, just under Password
  • From the mobile app:
    • Go to My Account -> Ratings

If you wish to be professionally rated, please contact our club pro Matt Baccarani who will provide a 15-20 minute assessment for $20.

How do I find someone to play with?  Find a partner

If you wish to be added to a list of members who are looking for partners to hit with or play a game with, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to My Profile -> Personal Information and fill in ALL of the following fields:
    • Tennis Rating
    • Available for a tennis game? (Yes)
    • When Are you available for a tennis game? (pick the best choice)
    • Type of match (Singles only, Doubles only, Either Singles or Doubles)
  • It could take up to a week for your name to be added to the list so that others can find you. In the meantime, try contacting someone on the list to arrange a game
  • To access the Find a Partner Directory, login to Court Reserve and click on the Find a Partner link on the Welcome Page.

How can I keep up with club news?

If you want to get club emails, including news of events, make sure you have NOT ticked the "Unsubscribe from my Club/Organization's Emails/Alerts/Newsletters" box in your profile.

The Club will also post news in the Announcements section on Court Reserve. Announcements is in the main menu you see when you login.

If you feel you are getting too many notifications from Court Reserve, go to your profile by selecting My Account->Personal Information and click on the Notifications tab to uncheck the notifications that you don't want to receive.

How do I sign up for Events on Court Reserve?

Club activities or events that require registration will be found under the Events link from the top menu bar. You will only see the events that you qualify for. The qualification could be based on your membership type, your tennis rating, or other criteria. If you see an event that you would like to sign up for:

  • Select the event that you are interested in and click on the V sign to list the date(s) (See picture.)
  • Select a date and press “Register”
  • Confirm that you want to register for yourself and any other family member who qualifies for the event and who you want to register for at the same time
  • Select any additional dates in the event series that you or your family member(s) might want to register for
  • Fill in any required data specific to this event
  • Press Save

Is there a mobile app?

There is a Court Reserve mobile app that is available from the App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Android). Find the links for downloading the mobile app here - This is a great way to book a court, modify or cancel your booking while you are on the go.

How do I find contact info for other members? Member Directory

Our member directory contains last name, first name and email of our Adult members. We do not expose phone number. The directory provides you a way to look up and contact another member to play with. There is a link to the member directory in the footer (at the bottom) of the Members' Court Reserve home page. (You need to log in to access it.) If you do not want your information listed in this directory, you can choose the checkbox “Exclude My Account Info From Public Groups” found under your Account. There is a search field to filter and refine your search criteria, but it requires you to match at least 3 characters of the first or last name. (Apologies to members with 2 letter last names!) You can also sort any of the three fields in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header to expose the sort arrow. Note that you should not use the Search function if using the Member Directory on the Mobile phone as the member list is too large for the phone to handle. Instead, scroll through the list of names which is sorted by first name.

Managing family

What are the benefits to having my immediate family members groups together in Court Reserve?

The benefits of being grouped as a family are many. Primary users will be able to:

  • Book courts not only for themselves but also on behalf of any member in the family
  • Purchase memberships or trigger membership renewals for himself and each member of the family
  • Elect to pay one combined bill for all the membership dues owed by the entire family
  • Register for events and club activities which you and any other member of your family qualifies for

How do I edit my account to allow my child to book for her- or himself?

1. Login to Court Reserve. 2. Hover over My Account, select My Family 3. Select the Edit button next to your child's name in the family list and go to Personal Information 4. Click on the checkbox " Allow Child To Login And Use Booking Privileges" Enter your child a unique email in the email field OR give him a unique username. ( Note: You can't share emails in Court Reserve; the system needs to be able to differentiate each person) 4. Enter a starting password and confirm password 5. Press Save changes. 6. Share the login credentials you created with your child, and she or he will now be able to log in on her or his own.

How do I become part of a family or switch to an individual account?

If you are signed up on MPTC's Court Reserve as an individual but want to be grouped together with immediate family members, please email to let us know. You need to specify which person will be the primary member and categorize the other family members as either Spouse, Child or Other Adult. Note that sons and daughters who are 18 or over should be categorized as Other Adult. If you are currently grouped in a family, but would like to move to an individual account, just let our Membership Director know. If you are just now signing up in Court Reserve at MPTC's, you can create a family grouping for yourself when you create your account. (See the FAQ on the benefits of being a family and how to Create MPTC Court Reserve Accounts for a family).​

How do I add MPTC Court Reserve account for myself and my family?

Unless you already have a Court Reserve account at another club, follow the steps below to add a MPTC Court Reserve account for yourself and any immediate family members. If you already have a Court Reserve account at another club see the instructions in the next FAQ. Creating Court Reserve accounts for you (and your family) is the first step towards adding a free MPTC Plan or paid Membership, when they become available. Add yourself to Court Reserve for MPTC: 1.Go to 2. Select the green “Create Account” button 3. Enter the requested data on the “Create Account & Request Access For Moore Park Tennis Club” form a. You must specify a unique email that is not already assigned to another account on Court Reserve. b. Do not select “Unsubscribe from marketing emails”. This field is misleadingly named since the club never sends marketing emails. Choosing this option will prevent you from getting important club emails including junior membership renewal details that will be sent at the end of the season. c. Consider adding a Tennis rating if you plan to play at our club. The rating helps you find others of the same skill to play with and qualifies you for club events. d. Read the terms and conditions, including the Covid waiver. To agree to the terms of use, check the box at the bottom of the form. e. Check the reCaptcha box to verify that you are not a robot 4. Press Submit; You should now be logged into your MPTC account and will be shown possible MPTC plans or memberships that are currently available. Note that full memberships to the club are only offered at Registration time. Read about our Memberships and Plans and availability here. Add your immediate family and link to your account 1. Select My Account-> My Family from the top menu bar or My Family from the left menu bar. 2. Click on the +Add New Family Member button 3,Enter the required information for the new family member a. If adding a child (aged 4-17): Select Daytime Junior Membership from the Membership dropdown Select child as the family role If your child has their own email, you can enter that one. Do NOT enter YOUR email in your child’s email field. Each user on the system must have a unique email, or it can remain blank if you don’t wish your child to log in on to the system on their own. (You can book courts for them from your Non-member Guardian ID) b. If adding an adult (includes sons/daughters aged 18 or older) Select Join the Waitlist or Non-member Guardian as the membership type Select spouse or other adult as the family role The adult must have a unique email different from yours or assign a unique username 4. Click Save Changes 5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the next family member, if applicable 6. Once a membership has been selected for all family members: 7. Select Billing-> Transactions->Unpaid Fees from the left menu; 8. Press on the Pay button for the first person 9. On the next screen, select “ Add to Invoice” for each of the other family members, then press the “Pay” button. Note that the amount due will be for the entire family. 10. Fill in the credit card information on the next screen and press Pay one final time. You have now successfully purchased memberships for your family and will be notified once the memberships are active for the new season 11. Remember that if you don’t pay for any membership within 7 days of completing the Purchase membership, your membership will be canceled and you need to go back to the bottom of the waitlist if you still want to join our club.

I already have a Court Reserve account, how do I add myself and family to MPTC's Court reserve?

If you are already on Court Reserve with another club, you must join Moore Park Tennis Club through your original Court Reserve account. If you try to create a new account directly on the MPTC Court Reserve pages, you will get an error message since your email is already registered for the other club. Court Reserve uses email to uniquely identify each person and will not let you create a “new person” with the same email. Instead, follow these steps to add Moore Park Tennis Club to your existing Court Reserve account: 1. Sign onto the other club, click on My Account, then click My Clubs, and then Join an Organization 2. Type Moore Park in the Search for Organization textbox and select it 3. On the Request for Access for Moore Park Tennis Club form: Confirm your personal information that was retrieved from your other club Update any information as required and the update will reflect in both clubs Fill out all mandatory fields specific for MPTC 4. Press Request Access and you will automatically be added as a user the MPTC

Renewing Memberships

What types of memberships does MPTC have?

Adult Membership Holding Membership Junior Membership Daytime Junior Membership For more information, see this page: Memberships

Understanding error messages

What are the Court Reserve reservation rules?

Error messages generally indicate that you are asking for something the booking or reservation rules do not allow. Reservation rules differ by membership type and year as the Club manages court use. Click here to see the Reservation rules.

"Validation Error! Reservation start is exceeding allowed time, Member x is allowed to reserve up until 20XX-XX-XX x:xx XM" means what?

This message means you tried to book a court too far ahead of time for either yourself or one of the other people in the booking. Depending on your membership type, you can only book a court so many days ahead. Click here to check out the the different reservation rules.

"Validation Error! You are exceeding number of allowed minutes to reserve per week" means what?

A Non-member Guardian (a parent with a kid taking instruction at MPTC but who is not a member) cannot book a court or be booked on a court as a member. If an attempt is made to do so, this error occurs. A Non-member Guardian can be booked as a guest by any member including their child who has a junior membership.

"Validation Error! You have reached max number of minutes allowed to reserve per week" measn what?

Different membership types allow different numbers of hours to be booked on the system. If any member on the booking exceeds his maximum allowed hours, the booking will fail with this error. The person with too many hours cannot be booked until he uses up some of his booked court time. Unfortunately the error does not specify which member has used up their booking time. Each person can see how much time they have on the system, by looking under My Account and then looking in My Reservations and counting the hours booked. Note that lessons, clinics and club activity do not count toward the maximum hours.

"Sorry, this email is already registered" means what?

If you try to add a Court Reserve account with Moore Park Tennis Club and are told that your "email is already registered," it means that you are already have an account with us or with some other club that uses Court Reserve. The email address identifies you as the same person across multiple clubs. If you already have a plan or membership with MPTC, select Log In to access that account. If you already have a Court Reserve account with some other club, do the following to sign up at MPTC: 1. Sign onto your Court Reserve account at your other club. ​2. Hover over My Account, select My Clubs from the drop down menu and then click Join an Organization​ 3. Type Moore Park in the Search for Organization textbox and select it​ 4. Click the Join Moore Park Tennis Club button.

"... Court cannot be booked between the following times: xx:xx to xx:xx"

Someone in your booking is not allowed to play during the times indicated in the error message, based on the restrictions on specified within their membership type. Please pick a valid time to book that person. See the booking restrictions here: Reservation restrictions based on membership


How do I book myself a court?

  • Select Reservations, then Book a Court from the top menu bar; You will be presented with the booking grid for the current day; Use the arrows or calendar to change dates
  • Click on the “Reserve” button for the court and time that you want for your start time
  • Select a Reservation type:
    • Singles – you and one other member (this is the default)
    • Doubles – you and 2-3 other members (doubles can take 3-4 people)
  • Select a Duration
  • Add the required number of Additional players
    • For each additional player, type the member name in the text box; You will receive a dropdown list of names that match your entry; Select the desired player
    • Press Add Player
  • Click on “View More” in the Reservation disclosure. After reading it, check the box to indicate that you agree
  • Press save to complete the reservation

How do I book a court with guests?

Use the Singles with Guest or Doubles with Guest Reservation type, pay the guest fee, per booking, by credit card when you book. In 2021, make sure you have your guest fill out a Covid Waiver before you get to the court. NOTE: Any bookings with guests should be added at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the reservation so that there is enough time to pay the guest fee and submit the Guest COVID waiver Need more detailed instructions? Here they are:

  • Select Reservations, then Book a Court from the top menu bar; You will be presented with the booking grid for the current day; Use the arrows or calendar to change dates
  • Click on the “ Reserve” button for the court and time that you want for your start time
  • Select a Reservation type:
    • Singles with Guest – you and one non-member guest (see booking with guests)
    • Doubles with Guests – you and up to 3 non-member guests (see booking with guests) – total number of players between members and guests must be between 3-4
  • Select a Duration
  • Indicate # of guests – enter a minimum of 1; For each guest:
    • Enter guest first name, last name and optionally, telephone #
    • If booking on a mobile phone, press on the “ $10 guest fee” to see the dialog for entering the guest name
  • Add the required # of additional members to make up at least the minimum # of players for the booking type
    • For each additional player, type the member name in the text box; You will receive a dropdown list of names that match your entry; Select the desired player
    • Press Add Player
  • Select Yes from the dropdown to confirm that all your guests will sign an online COVID waiver
  • Click on View More within the Reservation disclosure and after reading it, select the checkbox to indicate that you agree
  • Press save to complete the reservation
  • The $10 guest fee must be paid by credit card within 15 minutes or the system cancels the booking.
ON the mobile app , Tap the > in the # of Guests box to get to the screen where you enter the number of guests. Tap the > in the Guest #1 (or Guest #2 etc) boxes to enter your guest's or guests' names and phone numbers. You must also consent that you know there is a waiver to fill out and that you will follow club rules. Court Reserve does not allow you to edit a non-guest booking to add a guest. Instead: you must delete the original booking and replace it with the Singles with Guest or Doubles with Guest Reservation Type to book your guest. Please make sure that your guest(s) sign the online COVID waiver mentioned in the booking and that the name in the booking matches the name on the waiver. Guest Waiver (COVID-19) - Moore Park Tennis Club 2021 (

How do I book a practice court for myself?  (Only available weekdays between 7am-4pm)

  • A practice court is for one adult member to practice serving or other strokes with a bucket of balls for up to 1 hour
  • Practice courts are only available on Court 1 and Court 5 on weekdays between 7am-4pm inclusive.
  • Select Reservations -> Practice Court – you will be taken to a separate scheduler that limits booking to the restrictions listed above
  • After booking from this scheduler, the practice booking shows up on the main scheduler

What are the booking restrictions?

Booking restrictions vary by membership type. Adult members can book 4 hours a week, within 72 hours of the booking start time, in a rolling window. For other membership types, click here.

What are booking restrictions on guests?

The $10 guest fee is charged PER Booking. You cannot "split" your play time with your guests across 2 bookings and pay one fee. The minimum booking time for guest is 1 hour and the maximum is 2 hours. To get the most out of you time with your guest, book as early as you can to secure your desired amount of time. (Adult members can book up to 72 hours ahead of their start time.)

What happens to the guest fee if it rains/ courts are unplayable? Do I get it back?

Whether the Club cancels the court due to weather conditions or you cancel the court before your booking starts, a refund for your guest fee will be put in a queue for processing on Court Reserve. These refunds are done manually. It may take 2 weeks before the credit shows up. If in doubt about the weather, you can call the Clubhouse to check, or simply cancel the court yourself (before the booking starts) to assure the refund. Please note that if you book during unstaffed hours, you need to cancel your own court in order to get your refund.

I am a Non-member Guardian, how do I book a court for my child?

1. Log onto your Court Reserve account - ( Here's how to log in.)
2. Click on Book A Court
3. Click Reserve on the booking grid, choosing the date/time/court you want.
4. On the Book a reservation screen, click on the little triangle at the side of the Reserve for box, and select your child's name. As you are booking for your child from your account, your name would be the default and you need to switch to his name, as you have no booking rights since you are not a member.
If your child wants to play with you as a Non-member Guardian or with another non-member, select the reservation type Singles with Guest, fill in the Guest name text box and complete the other information and press Save. After the booking, you have 15 minutes to pay the $10 guest fee or the booking will be canceled. The Club guest waiver can be filled out here. If your child wants to play with another club member, select the reservation type Singles and type the member's name in the Additional Players text box. Complete the rest of the information and press Save.

I am a member, how do I book a court for my child to play with others?

If your child does not have login privileges and you wish to book on his behalf, follow the steps below. (If you wish to allow him to book a court, see the FAQ under Managing Family ->How do I edit my account to allow my child to book?) 1. Log onto your Court Reserve account
2. Click on the Book A Court button (or on Reservations and then Book a Court if you are in the mobile app)
3. Click Reserve on the booking grid, choosing the date/time/court you want.
4. On the Book a reservation screen, click on the little triangle at the side of the Reserve for box, and select your child's name. (This is the Create Reservation screen in the app - tap on the Reserve for box and select your child.) 5. Continue the booking as you would do for yourself

How do I edit a booking to add a guest?

If you want to change your Singles or Doubles booking to add a guest and have trouble doing so, please DELETE the original booking and add a new one with the proper type (Singles With Guest, Doubles With Guest).

What are the Court Reserve reservation rules?

Error messages generally indicate that you are asking for something the booking or reservation rules do not allow. Reservation rules differ by membership type and year as the Club manages court use. Click here to see the Reservation rules.