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Registering your children for Junior Programs/ Camps

You must have an account on Court Reserve, the Club’s registration and booking platform, and your children must be paid-up members before you can sign them up for Junior Programs.  Once they are members you can register them for programs under the Court Reserve Events> Junior Programs and Camps function.  (Detailed instructions are below.) 

You already have a Court Reserve account if you have any one of the following:   

•    a paid Club Membership, 

•    a Non-member Guardian plan (to manage your children’s memberships), 

•    a Join the Waitlist plan on Court Reserve (this puts you on our waitlist.) 

If you need to create an account, or to select and purchase a membership for your child, follow one of these links:

How to create an adult account in Court Reserve 

How to add new children to your family in your adult account 


Please note that children new to the club cannot be added as members in the off-season but can be easily added in season.  


Program registration for children who already have a club membership: 

  1. Login to your own Court Reserve account.  See the Court Reserve FAQ “How do I log onto Court Reserve” if you need help 

  2. Hover on the Events header at the top of the Court Reserve screen and click on Junior Programs and Camps.

  3. You will see the list of signups available to your children, depending on their ages. Click REGISTER on a desired program to get to the registration screen.

  4. Read the description to ensure that the program meets your children’s needs. If so, click Register again.

  5. Select the child or children you want to register

    1. For each child, fill in the required additional information

    2. Click to acknowledge the disclosure for the program

    3. Finalize Your Registration   

    4. You will be presented with a screen to pay for them with a credit card.  

    5. If you do not complete the payment with 15 minutes, the registration will be cancelled.

Creating an Adult account in Court Reserve, so that you can add your child
Every child at our club must be part of a family within Court Reserve, headed by an adult with an account. With your own account, you can book courts for your child, register them in junior programs, and renew their memberships for each season.

From mid-March to September, you will be able to create a Court Reserve account with Moore Park Tennis Club. No new accounts can be added during off-season.


You have 2 choices: 

•    Join the Waitlist plan (if you want to join the club when we have room for you)
•    Non-member Guardian plan (if you only want to manage your children's accounts)    Note that Non-member Guardians without any children in their family will be deleted.
Both the Join the Waitlist and Non-member Guardian accounts are free and both will let you add your children to your account.  

To create a new adult account: 

  1. Go to and click on JOIN THE CLUB. 

  2. Once you have an account, you can add your children to your account using the Add New Family Member button found under My Family,

Adding New Children to Your Family

New children can be added to your family between spring (end of March) and fall (end of September) of each tennis season.  No new accounts can be added during off-season.  But there is no cap and no problem adding them after March 21.  All new children must purchase daytime junior memberships to remain on our system.

  1. Login to your own Court Reserve account.  See the Court Reserve FAQ “How do I log onto Court Reserve” if you need help

  2. Go to My Family and select Add New Family Member

  3. Fill in all mandatory information and select child as the family role

  4. Select the Daytime Junior Membership

  5. Save your input

  6. Pay for the membership via credit card.  Unpaid memberships will be cancelled. 

  7. If you miss the opportunity to pay when the credit card screen comes up, use the PAY FEES button on the Court Reserve home page.

  8. Once you have bought your child a membership for the season, you will be ready to register them for junior programs or camps

Updated 20 March, 2023. 


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