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Opportunities in 2023

League teams


Moore Park Tennis Club fields teams in 5 leagues,


Sign up for the spring team tryouts under Events> Teams and tournaments.  




Team selection is based on tryout results, previous years' results, and team commitment.


Team policies are below.  

  • To make a team, players must attend at least one tryout.

  • If tryouts are held indoors, players who commit to tryouts, will be charged any applicable court fees whether you show up or not.

  • Teams' practices are restricted to team players, including regular roster players and official substitutes.

  • In order to avoid defaults, captains may draw players from other club teams when necessary and when permissible under the respective League rules.  Players may be drawn from other club members only after confirming the unavailability of all regular team members and substitutes.

  • You must be a member to tryout.   

Social tennis

Round Robins

The Club will host round robins on

  • Friday evening from last week of April through to the end of June. 

  • Wednesday evenings in July to September.

House League

Sunday Evenings 6-8 PM

A House League will run on Sunday evenings.

Signup will be on Court Reserve under Events>  Club Social Activity .  

Link active in season only 

Find a Partner To Play With!


From a web browser, (this is not available on the app) login to Court Reserve and click on the Find a Partner link under the Club Info header. 

If you are not on the list, get on it by entering the following fields in your Court Reserve profile.


All 4 fields are mandatory to be put on the list:

  • Rating

  • Available for a Tennis Game?

  • When are you Available for a Tennis Game?

  • Type of Match


Club competition

Annual Club Tournaments

All the Club Tournaments are in September.

Signup will be on Court Reserve under Events> Teams and tournaments.  

Types and numbers of draws will depend on entries. 


MPTC is running the following ladders this year.

  • Men's Singles Ladders

  • Women's Singles Ladder

  • Men's Doubles Ladder 

  • Women's Doubles Ladder

  • Mixed Doubles Ladder

Login to Court Reserve from a browser (like Chrome, Edge, or Safari), and click on the Join a ladder button for more info/ to sign up.   (Members only.)

Note: The Join a Ladder button is not available on the Court Reserve mobile app.

Game Strategy Plan
Find a Partners
House League scores

Social Events for 2022

1. First Round Robin of the season 
Friday April 29  7pm-9 pm. pizza at 6:30 PM


(Round Robins run Friday evenings till the end of June,  and resume on Wednesday evenings in July till the end of the season; some weeks are signup only round robins, rather than drop ins, so check Court Reserve before coming out.)

2.  Season Opening Meet and Greet BBQ & Round Robin 
Saturday April 30   BBQ 11:30am-1 pm  R.R. 1-3 pm


3.  Family & Kids Tennis Day BBQ & Round Robin 
Saturday. May 21  BBQ 11:30am-1pm R. R. 1-3pm

4.   French Open BBQ & Round Robin 
Saturday June 11 BBQ. 11:30am -1-3pm 

5.   Wimbledon BBQ & Round Robin 
Saturday July 9  BBQ 11:30am -1-3pm 


6. US Open /Year End BBQ & Round Robin 
Saturday September  10 BBQ & R. R.  11:30am -4pm


7. Year End Party - Friday September 21 at Shenanigans 7pm


Updated October 2022. 

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