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Moore Park Tennis Club, Toronto, Canada

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 69006 RPO St Clair Centre
Toronto, ON M4T 3A1



175 Moore Avenue (There is no mail service; please use the PO Box for mail.)

(647) 556-7877 


(Please email rather than phone when the clubhouse is closed for the winter.)



If you are looking to contact a Pro, please click here:


Looking to retrieve your Court Reserve password?  


Want answers to questions about Court Reserve? 

For information about Junior Programs, contact our head pro Matt Baccarini at

For other club-related questions, please email the appropriate director below or email 

Contact a Board Member

Contact a Director

Click on the appropriate director to open your app mail and best direct your question.  

President: Fiona Miller    (Questions on volunteer opportunities) 

Vice President, City Liaison: Shirley Garland (Questions on the club's relationship to the community and the City of Toronto) 

Treasurer: Rohan Menon

Secretary:  vacant

Membership: Anita Pick  (Questions on membership process, waitlist) 

Clubhouse Operations: Walter Azzalini

Social: Eric Silva

Communications: vacant

Competition: John Mantzoris 

Facilities:  Madelaine Banks

Director (Booking Administrator): Annie English (Questions on on Court Reserve not answered in the FAQs)

Director-At-Large: Louise Léger

Past President: Emad Hussain

Updated 20 March 2023

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