MPTC Tournaments



NOTE: To see the sign-up under the Events tab on Court Reserve, you need to have a rating in your Account on Court Reserve.  To see a particular tournaments you need to have the rating required for that tournament.

How to put a rating in your Account on Court Reserve

How to sign up for Events on Court Reserve


Rules and Info


  • Players MUST be available to play at any time after 6 PM on Friday, and anytime between 8 AM and 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

  • A restriction on any of these days will not be accommodated.

A $5 non-refundable fee is charged at registration. 


  • Registration ends at 6 PM on the Friday before the tournament being signed up for

  • Failure to register before the deadline will result in the person not being able to play in that tournament.


  • Members will not be able to register for the tournament unless they have included a rating in the Personal Information section of their Court Reserve Account. 

The Draws

  • Draws are completed by the club pro and the tournament director.

  • If player name(s) are omitted from the draw due to administrative error, the draw will be redone.

  • Draws will be emailed to participants and posted on the bulletin board outside Court 5 no later than 1:00 PM on the Sunday before the start of the tournament.

  • Players can confirm their playing times by checking the booking grid in Court Reserve or by looking under My Reservations. 

  • Each player is responsible for finding  out when their first match is scheduled.

  • Seeded players are determined by the Club Pro based upon previous (1 or 2 years) tournaments, and on the Pro’s discretion.

Rescheduling of Matches

  • Matches are to be played during club hours on the day and at the time scheduled. Failure to play a scheduled match shall result in an automatic default of the player or players that are not ready, willing, and able to play a match at its scheduled time.

  • A match may be rescheduled if:

  • There is a rain delay of more than 1 hour (Please see Delays for more information regarding this statement).

  • The match has been cancelled by the tournament director due to weather conditions (Please see Delays for more information regarding this statement).

  • The match occurs before Friday and both or all  players agree to reschedule the match at least 12 hours in advance of the scheduled match and the tournament director agrees to allow such rescheduling. Other scheduled matches will be taken into consideration along with any delay that rescheduling the match may have on the continuity and timely conclusion of the tournament.

  • In the tournament director’s sole discretion, he or she feels that it would be fair and appropriate under the circumstance to reschedule the match, taking the other scheduled matches into consideration and any delay that rescheduling said match may have on the continuity and timely conclusion of the tournament.


  • Players have only 10 minutes to warm-up.

  • If a player or team is being assessed a penalty for being late, the time penalty is assessed when the player or team shows up. They are allowed a full warm-up from that point in time (10 minutes) without additional penalty.

  • The penalty for being late to any match is 1 game after 5 minutes and 2 games after 10 minutes. If a player/team is more than 15 minutes late for a match, the player/team will default the match.

Match Rules

  • Matches will start as soon as a court is available, but no earlier than their scheduled start time unless both sides agree 12 hours in advance and have the approval of the tournament director.  

  • Please show up 10 minutes prior to your start time for each match. Please check in with all players ready.

  • For every five full minutes that a player is late for a match, that player/team will lose one game, starting at the five minute mark. For example, if a player/team is 10 minutes late that player/team will be down 2-0. At the 15 minute mark the player/team will automatically be defaulted.

  • The clock on the club computer will regulate the time of the matches.

  • Each match is best out of 3 sets, with the winner moving on and the non-winner being eliminated.

  • Tie-breaker will be played at six all.

  • All matches must be played at Moore Park Tennis Club.


  • If it is raining, tournament matches will be rescheduled.

  • In the event of rain, please show up at the club. The Competitions Director (or designate) will reschedule the matches as court time allows.


  • If the weather prevents play on Sunday, the final match is moved to the next available day as permitted by the weather.

  • Fatigue and/or injury to either player shall not hold any weight towards a decision to delay match completion to another day.

Dress Code and Code of Conduct

  • The Club’s Dress Code is in effect. Anyone not following the dress code will not be allowed to play.

  • While umpires will not be used during the tournaments, players are expected to follow the Rules of the Court, and Club Rules, and act in a sportsmanlike manner. 

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in removal from the tournament.