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Waitlist FAQs
Waitlist FAQs

How many people are on the MPTC Waitlist?  

As of March 4, 2024, the MPTC Waitlist has 1215 people on it.  


Where am I on the list and when can I expect to get into the Club?

The Club sent an email to everyone on the waitlist on March 4, 2024 to let each of them know their position on the Waitlist. 

Please check your email to find out your position.  (Moore Park Tennis Club was the sender; "Your waitlist position at MPTC" was the subject line). Your waitlist position will not change until we close the 2025 season registration next year.   If you have signed up since March 4, expect an email next spring, once registration has closed, to let you know your new position. 

We anticipate that we will be able to process 200-350 people from the waitlist each year. (For the 2024 season, 359 people were invited to join and 116 accepted.) 

I have changed my email address, how can I update my record with the club?

Login to your Court Reserve account to update your info. Your username is the email you used when you signed up on Court Reserve, and you can use the Forgot Password? function to retrieve your password.  If you no longer have access to the email you used when signing up, get in touch with our Membership Director at who can help you. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to keep your email and contact info up to date so that when we do have room for you, our invitation will get to you. Invitation to join emails are typically sent out in January/February.  Make sure to check your email, and your junk folder, during that period, even while on holiday. 

Please enter an email for every adult on the waitlist, so that the Club will be able to email everyone individually when it invites them to join. 

How can I confirm that I am on the MPTC waitlist?

          You can check your Court Reserve account:

  1. Go to from a computer or use the Court Reserve app

  2. Login with your email and use the Forgot Password? link if you do not know your password. 

  3. Hover over your name in the top right menu until the dropdown menu appears.  Click on Membership.

  4. Confirm that your membership type is listed as Join the Waitlist.  If this is your membership type, you are on the Club's waitlist. 

I am a Non-member Guardian (with kids in MPTC programs) I tried to add myself the to the "Join the Waitlist" plan and couldn't.  What's going on?

Because you already have a Court Account, the system will not let you sign up for another plan. Please email our Membership Director and ask her to put you on the Waitlist. 

How can I get help with Court Reserve?

Check out our Court Reserve FAQs.

Do I need to add my children to the waitlist?

No, children under 18 years of age do not need to go on the MPTC waitlist.  You can purchase a Daytime Junior Membership for your child or children during the season.  A membership is required for children to be in programs or camps - but the Daytime Junior Membership remains open all season so your kids can be enrolled. 


Please see for instructions on how to sign up children.

In what order do you accept people in from the waitlist? Are there exceptions? 

We invite people to join in the order they joined the waitlist.  If Carlos Alcaraz or Iga Swiatek applied tomorrow, they would have to wait their turn, though they could pay a guest fee and play as a guest, or take lessons at certain times.  (See our policies under the Lessons and Clinics page for more info.) 

I no longer wish to join the club, may I give my spot to someone else? 

No, the Club does not allow you to give someone else your waitlist or membership spot, but do let the Membership Director know if you no longer wish to join so that she can remove you from the waitlist.   

Updated 4 March, 2024. 

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