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Join the Waitlist - Path #2

I already have a Court Reserve account, but not at MPTC.  I want to go on the MPTC waitlist.

If this description fits you, follow the directions below.  

If not, return to the previous page and pick the path that fits you best.

Please note: 

Once you have signed yourself up, when the club has room for you, you will receive instructions on how to purchase memberships for you and your family from within your Join the Waitlist plan. 

Please keep the email in your account up to date so we will be able to reach you.


1. Sign onto your Court Reserve account at your other club.

2. Hover over <Your Name>, select My Organizations from the drop down menu and then click Add Organization

3. Type Moore Park in the Search for Organization textbox and select it

4. Click the Join Moore Park Tennis Club button.

5. On the Request for Access for Moore Park Tennis Club form:

-Confirm your personal information that was retrieved from your other club

-Update any information as required and the update will reflect in both clubs

-Fill out all mandatory fields specific for MPTC

-Choose Join the Waitlist as your plan or "membership"

6. Press Request Access.  You have put yourself on the Club waitlist. 

Remember to update your email in your account if you get a new email. 

Follow the instructions under the Add spouse or adult children link to put adult family members who live with you on the waitlist


Follow the instructions under the Add junior children link to select and purchase Daytime Junior Memberships. 


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