Join the Waitlist - Path #1

"I do not have an account with Court Reserve at MPTC or any other tennis club.    I want to go on the MPTC waitlist."

If this description fits you, follow the directions below.  

If not, return to the previous page and pick the path that fits you best.

Please note

Once you have signed yourself up, when the club has room for you, you will receive instructions on how to purchase memberships for you and your family from within your Join the Waitlist plan. 

Please keep the email in your account up to date so we will be able to reach you.

Path #1 instructions



Note: If you have another family member (same household) who already has an account on MPTC’s Court Reserve, they can add you to their family.  Skip the following steps and go to the section below on Adding your spouse or partner to your account.

1. Go to


2. Click on Pick a Membership at the top of the page. 

3. Select Join the Waitlist as your free non-expiring plan by clicking Join Now. Click Join Now again

4. On the Create Account & Request Access For Moore Park Tennis Club page, fill in all mandatory fields on the form, including your email, telephone number, address and date of birth. 

5. NOTE: If you wish to receive Club emails, including your invitation to join, do not select "Unsubscribe from marketing emails."  Despite the label, the club has a policy against sending marketing emails.  Choosing the unsubscribe option will prevent you from getting notified when we invite you to join the club.

6. You have the option to add a tennis rating for yourself.  The rating is used to determine which club events you can participate in, once you become a member, and allows you to find other members of similar level to play with you.  Find the descriptions of Tennis Canada’s self-ratings here:

7. Read the Disclosures, including the Covid waiver. To agree to the terms of use, check the box at the bottom of the form.  Tick the "I am not a Robot" box. 

8. Press Create Account when you have completed the form.  You are added to the waitlist.

9. Stay logged in if you want to add your partner or adult children who live with you (and who do not have a Court Reserve account at another club) to your Account.


When you go to login for the first time, use the Forgot Password link on the login screen <> to have Court Reserve send you your password. 

Adding a spouse or other immediate family members (who do not already have already a Court Reserve Account) to your Account

1. Log on to Court Reserve if you are not already logged on.  Hover over My Account and click My Family on the drop down menu that appears.

2. Click on the Add New Family Member button 

3. For your spouse or children who live with you:

-Enter all the mandatory fields;
-Specify the family role (spouse, other adult, child);  
-Select Join the Waitlist as their membership type;
-Enter a unique email address for each adult on your waitlist plan, so that they will have their own booking capabilities once they become members.  Note: Court Reserve does not allow different family members to use the same email.  If the child you are adding does not have a personal email, you can enter a unique Username.
-Click Save .

4. Repeat steps 2-3 for the next family member, if applicable

If your spouse or children already have a Court Reserve account at another club, please have him or her follow the Path 2 Waitlist instructions ) 

Cancelling your Waitlist plan

  1. Go to

  2. Log onto your MPTC account using the email that you registered with, and the Forgot Password link to retrieve your password if needed

  3. Hover over My Account and choose My Membership from the drop down menu.

  4. Select Cancel membership

If canceling for your entire family, please fill out the short form at Please take me and my family off the MPTC waitlist.