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Join the Waitlist - Path #3

"I have kids with junior memberships or who are in programs at MPTC.  I already have a Non-member Guardian plan on MPTC Court Reserve. I want to go on the MPTC waitlist."

If this description fits you, please email our Membership Director ask her to put you on the Waitlist. 

If the description doesn't fit, return to the previous page and pick the path that fits you best.

Please keep the email in your account up to date so we will be able to reach you.

Follow the instructions under the Add spouse or adult children link to put adult family members who live with you on the waitlist


Follow the instructions under the Add junior children link to select and purchase Daytime Junior Memberships 

Adding Family Members who have Court Reserve Accounts already.  


(If your adult family members already has a Court Reserve account at another club, please have him or her follow the Path #2 Waitlist instructions.) 

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