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Set up your season! Important dates...

Nets are up (thanks to all our volunteers!!) and booking is open.  Let's play tennis!!

Monitors start (staffing at clubhouse): April 13 (no lights until then)

Tennis Ladder: Signup begins April 15 (pending availability of Tennis Rungs)

Team tryouts: Sign up now. April 16-April 28 depending on the team (rain makeup dates the following week at the same time)

House League:  Sign up before April 19; First session April 28-June 23 (excluding Victoria Day) For players rated 3.0 and up.

First drop-in Round Robin:  April 26

Meet & Greet Round Robin- drop in: May 4

Where to sign up:

Team-tryouts: in Court Reserve under Events> Teams and Tournaments

House League: in Court Reserve under Events-> Club Social Activities


1) To participate in MPTC Ladders, MPTC members can create an account on Tennis Rungs:  Those who participated in the ladder last year should still have their accounts.  Use the "Don't Know Your Password" link if you don't remember it

2) Once you have created an account you can access Tennis Rungs from a browser or mobile app

     * Sign in from a browser: account 


      * Sign in from the mobile app that you have downloaded.



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