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Moore Park Tennis Club


Moore Park Tennis Club is a not-for-profit organization located in Toronto,

Ontario and operated by a volunteer board.  


The primary purposes of the Club are:


a) promoting the sport of tennis;

b) providing facilities for tennis;

c) arranging matches and competitions, and establishing and granting prizes, awards and distinctions;

d) fostering goodwill and sportsmanship; and such other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objects.

Volunteer opportunities for members

The Club needs volunteers to set up the courts, run events, captain teams, and to clean up the courts at the end of the year.   Please keep an eye out and come out to help when we ask!

If there is something specific you would like to so or help with, let us know.   

Board responsibilities and positions

MPTC Mission:

To provide opportunities for members to play competitive, social, and recreational tennis and to ensure the availability of professional tennis coaching to encourage all members in the pursuit of excellence.

Purpose of Board: 

The Board of Directors (the Board) is responsible for the governance and operations of the Moore Park Tennis Club.
Directors are the stewards of the Club and are accountable for the viability of the club.
Directors may not attempt to exercise individual authority over the organization except as explicitly set forth in policies.

The membership

The Board shall manage the business and affairs of the Club. More specifically, the Board shall:

  • assure members of the club’s financial health and the integrity of the reported financial performance; approve and monitor an annual budget; set membership fees; recommend appointment of accountant at each Annual General Meeting

  • hire, compensate, and evaluate: a Club Professional o   a Clubhouse Manager and/or other Clubhouse staff

  • ensure a variety of high-quality tennis programming is available to members

  • ensure effective and efficient communication to members

  • approve policy for the club; ensure policies and procedures are in place to minimize risk to the club and its members

  • ensure succession planning for Board members is carried out

  • recommend bylaw changes to the Annual General Meeting

  • ensure maintenance of membership in the Ontario Tennis Association

  • ensure maintenance of excellent relationships with the City of Toronto

·         President
·         Vice President(s)
·         Secretary
·         Treasurer
·         Up to seven Directors
·         Immediate Past President (voice, no vote)

Term of Office
Directors shall be elected for a period of one year; they shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.

Principles of Board Membership
Each Board member is expected to:
·         act in the best interests of the organization as a whole
·         circulate a written report in advance of each Board meeting, if appropriate
·         attend all meetings
·         read all relevant material in advance of each meeting and consider the implications of the information on the club
·         actively participate in deliberations and decisions; respect the diversity of viewpoints expressed during discussions; contribute to a positive climate at meetings
·         promptly declare any conflict of interest between their own self-interest and the best interests of the club and, if required by the meeting, withdraw from a discussion and refrain from voting on the issue
·         respect the confidentiality of the Board affairs; support all decisions of the Board by speaking with one voice
Accountability: all Directors are accountable to the Board of Directors
President: see bylaw 5.02
In addition, the President shall be responsible for hiring, managing, and evaluating staff on an annual/seasonal basis – a Club Professional, a Clubhouse Manager and/or Clubhouse Monitors, and/or other staff as the Board may decide. The President may delegate management of Clubhouse staff to the Director, Clubhouse Operations.
Vice President(s): see bylaw 5.03
In addition, the Vice President is responsible for liaising with City of Toronto staff and the Municipal Councillor to maximize benefits to the club.  More specifically, the Vice President shall apply for the club permit each spring.
Secretary: see bylaw 5.04
In addition, the Secretary shall make regulatory filings with the Ontario Government in a timely manner.
Treasurer: see bylaw 5.05
In addition, the Treasurer shall
·         ensure that appropriate insurance remains in place
·         ensure all taxes and other regulatory remittances are made in a timely manner; be the named contact for Canada Revenue Agency
·         ensure compliance with Ontario’s Employment Standards Act
Director, Clubhouse Operations
Purpose: to ensure the cleanliness and smooth operation of the clubhouse; to manage clubhouse staff as delegated by the President
Key responsibilities:
·         Ensure adequate quantities of clubhouse supplies are on hand
·         Manage and train clubhouse staff
·         Ensure that the club’s telecommunication/electronic equipment (telephone, computer, television) remains in good working order.
Director, Communications
Purpose: to ensure timely and accurate information is disseminated to members
Key responsibilities:
·         Support other Directors by sending regular emails to membership to inform them of membership renewal procedures and deadlines, opportunities for participation in club tennis and social events, other club information as appropriate.
·         Ensure that communication software contains up-to-date members’ lists
·         Ensure that the information on the website calendar is current and accurate
·         Post information about club activities to Facebook as appropriate
·         Respond to questions, or redirect questions, about the club to the appropriate director for a response.
Director, Competition
Purpose: to ensure a range of competitive activities is available to members
Key responsibilities:
·         Teams: Ensure an appropriate number of teams, relative to member interest and court availability, is fielded by the club annually
o   ensure each team has a captain who liaises with their respective league and that each captain publicizes and holds tryouts and chooses teams using an objective process. Captains may enlist the assistance of the Club Pro in the process
o   ensure captains notify Director, Online Booking System of all home matches as soon as draws are posted so that home matches and practice times may be entered into the booking system
o   maintain awareness of each team’s players and results during the season; address any infractions in a timely manner
o   liaise with Captains, President, and Director, Communications to reschedule and publicize rained-out matches
·         Tournaments: publicize, schedule and organize annual club tournaments
·         Trophies: Update tournament trophies annually; purchase prizing for finalists and champions
·         Ladder(s): publicize and operate ladders throughout the season
·         House League: liaise with the House League Organizer to ensure smooth running of the House League
Director, Facilities
Purpose: to ensure that the courts are maintained in a good and safe condition and upgraded as necessary.
Key responsibilities:
·         Maintain and replace lights, nets, windscreens, brooms, rollers, and leaf blower;
·         Ensure lights are in good working order prior to opening each year
·         Plan and organize the set up of nets and windscreens prior to opening day and take-down of same after closing day annually
·         Ensure courts are resurfaced every five to seven years as required
·         Ensure the physical state of the clubhouse is in good repair.
·         With the agreement of the VP, the Facilities Director may be the club contact for the City of Toronto Parks Supervisor.
Director, Membership
Purpose: to maintain an accurate and up-to-date list of members
Key responsibilities:
·         Ensure that the online membership registration and payment system operates in an accurate and secure manner
·         Respond to inquiries from current and potential members
·         Maintain and manage the wait list
·         Set dates for renewal of membership and offering membership to those on the wait list, if applicable
·         Ensure membership renewals and new applications are processed in a timely manner
·         Ensure that the maximum number of members does not exceed the Board-determined total
·         Cooperate with the Treasurer as necessary to reconcile membership fee payments
·         Maintain a record of members for the current and previous year
Director, Social
Purpose: to plan and organize social tennis events of interest to members
Key responsibilities:
·         Plan dates and events prior to beginning of season
·         Ensure events are noted on the website calendar and communicated to members, with the assistance of Director, Communications where appropriate;
·         Ensure food is purchased and served as appropriate at the events held at the club; assist Clubhouse Monitors as necessary with food preparation and serving
·         Plan, organize, and publicize weekly social round robins from May to August
Director, Online Booking System
Purpose: to manage the Club’s online court booking system.  
Key responsibilities: 
·         Ensure the online court booking system remains in good working order and is available to members, staff, and club professionals
·         Ensure the system reflects all club activities in a timely manner
·         Train staff in the use of the system; provide assistance to members if necessary
·         Develop court booking rules and update as necessary to ensure the system remains fair and equitable; monitor and ensure compliance with the rules in cooperation with the clubhouse staff
Past President

      Key responsibilities: 
·         Provide advice to the Board as requested.
·         Chair a Nominating Committee and ensure a full slate of Directors is presented to the AGM

Logging in
Clubhouse Staff Positions

Moore Park Tennis Club (MPTC), located in Moorevale Park, near Mount Pleasant and St. Clair, Toronto is looking for a part-time Court Monitor for the remainder of the 2022 season, to cover about 9-15 hours per week.


MPTC has five courts and an active membership of about 500 adults and lots of juniors.  It operates from mid-April through to Thanksgiving Monday. 


The Club staffs during the following hours:

5:30 to 10:00 PM weeknights

9 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays

9 and 8 PM on Sundays

8 AM to 6 PM on statutory holidays.


The Monitor’s job is to:

·         keep the courts safe, that is, swept and squeegeed;

·         monitor court usage and make online bookings are correct (checking bookings, collecting fees from guests and non-members);

·         keep the clubhouse clean, and secure

·         help run round robins and social events at the club (with Board Members / Pros)

·         keep club members well informed regarding club events, programs

·         help members learn to use the online booking system


Qualifications Required

·         friendly and polite, but able to be firm regarding the club rules;

·         initiative (ability to perform all listed tasks but also to think on one’s feet)

·         basic computer skills to navigate apps and URLs


Qualifications Preferred but not required

·         first aid certification 

·         knowledge of, experience playing tennis

·         experience working at a tennis club (or similar venue)


Please submit all resumes, with references, to by January 31.


Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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