Thanksgiving update: clean up and club closing dates.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Last staffed day: Oct 11, 8AM-4PM, with windscreens coming down at 4-6PM. VOLUNTEERS are needed for the takedown (if it is quick, we can fit in some tennis). Sign up on Court Reserve if you want to tell us you are coming.

Last day that members can book courts on Court Reserve: Oct 31, but there will be NO LIGHTS after Oct 11. After Oct 11, the club will keep nets up and the MPTC booking system open, until the end of the October, (Oct 31 is the last day) but THERE WILL BE NO LIGHTS. Members are asked to book as usual and to be polite to any member of the public who may be on court. Just ask others to move over so you can claim your booked court. Signs on the court gates ask members of the public to move over for you. Please follow public heath rules, including the 2m / 6ft physical distancing regulation, for your own safety.

Cancel you own courts if you want an unused guest fee back.

Members are reminded that they should cancel any courts they end up not wanting or using. This is especial

ly important for members who book guests and want the guest fee back in the case of inclement weather. If you don’t cancel your court before the booking starts, the system cannot generate a refund for you. So be sure to cancel if you are unsure about court conditions.

Possible public use of courts after Oct 31 - we will let you know.

We have asked the City to allow us to leave the nets up after Oct 31. If this is allowed, it means the courts will act as public courts, with members of the club and the public sharing courts on an equal basis. Play periods of 30 minutes will be in effect, starting on the hour and on the half hour (to avoid guessing how long people have been playing). Anyone anyone waiting will need to hang their racquet on the white board near court 3. We will let you know what the City decides in an email, in the Announcements section on Court Reserve and in the News section on the website.

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