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* House league registration starts Monday May 8th at 7 AM. This first session runs for 4 weeks, from May 28-June 18, and is capped at 40 players. Go to Events->Club Activities to sign up. (If you can't see the Event, edit your profile in Court Reserve so that you have included your tennis rating. After that, you should see the Event if it is designed for your level of play.)

* Friday Round Robins have begun and will run weekly until the end of June. (They switch to Wednesday evenings in July. ) Pizza arrives around 6:30 PM. Half-hour playing periods run from 7- 9 PM

* June Clinics Registration is now open. In Court Reserve, go to Events->Adults Clinics to register and pay. (Tip: If you are signing up multiple members of your Court Reserve family, sign up everyone at the same time, as there seems to be a glitch if family members sign up at different times. We have contacted Court Reserve about the problem.)

* Looking for someone to play with? Sign up on the Find a Partner list or check the list for potential opponents. Players of all levels can be found here. Instructions are at under the Social Tennis heading. (If you don't want to be on the list, edit your Court Reserve profile so that "Available for a Tennis Game" is unticked.) The Find a Partner list is under Club Info in Court Reserve.

Tip: Check Activities Calendar for the full list of upcoming club activities (Select Activities Calendar button on Court Reserve home page, or go to for the link.)

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