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Maximize your fun: add a rating to your Court Reserve profile, join "Find a Partner"

Add a Tennis Rating to your profile

If you want to participate in MPTC social events such as tennis ladders, house league and round robins, try out for competitive teams, play in the club tournaments at the end of the season, or find suitable partners of comparable skill levels to play with, you need to add a tennis rating to your Court Reserve account's personal information section.

For help in adding or determining your tennis rating, see instructions below.

Find a Partner

Looking for a partner to play with? Enter the following fields in your profile's personal information to get on a directory with others who are also looking for partners!

All 4 fields are mandatory to be put on the list:

  • Tennis Rating (The selection 00-Not Rated will NOT be included)

  • Available for a Tennis Game? = Yes

  • When are you Available for a Tennis Game?

  • Type of Match

Your data will be added to the directory within two weeks. The link to the Find a Partner list is found under Club Info on the Court Reserve home page. Login to Court Reserve to access it.

Instructions: How to add a rating to your profile:

From a computer, go you your Personal Information

(Hover your cursor over <Your name> and them click Personal Information.) Enter your rating in the Tennis Canada Self-Rating box and click SAVE your The rating section is just under Password.

From the mobile app, go to My Account -> Ratings

For guidance in determining your rating, review the Tennis Canada guidelines here:

If you wish to be professionally rated, please contact our club pro Matt Baccarani who will provide a 15-20 minute assessment for $25.



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