How to get more active and meet more people at MPTC

  1. Make sure there is a rating in your Court Reserve profile so you will see the Events/Activities you can sign up for. https://www.mooretennis.com/post/maximize-your-fun-add-a-rating-to-your-court-reserve-profile-join-find-a-partner

  2. Consult the Find a Partner list. https://www.mooretennis.com/post/maximize-your-fun-add-a-rating-to-your-court-reserve-profile-join-find-a-partner

  3. Attend a weekly round robin or come to a club weekend social. Look on Activities calendar or in Court Reserve under Events> Club Social Activities for info.

  4. Take a clinic: https://www.mooretennis.com/lessons-and-clinics

  5. Join a Ladder: Login to Court Reserve for details and instructions: https://app.courtreserve.com/Online/Portal/Index/6982

Handy links

Info about the club (explore this site!) www.mooretennis.com/

Court Reserve (to book courts, sign up for events/activities, renew your membership): https://app.courtreserve.com/Online/Portal/Index/6982

Activities calendar (to see what’s on): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/e/2PACX-1vQ3UtczRAaaRCaC4i-O5LU5Y34eWvTZoLeOg79DSXusY17jZzgouHt5mXsMp7ZIwA/pubhtml

How to use Court Reserve: FAQs: https://www.mooretennis.com/courtreservefaqs

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