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French Open After Party - June 11, Round Robins and More....

This post contains news about

  • Weekend Social - June 11 - French Open After Party

  • Round Robins (schedule below.)

  • House League Session #2

  • Balls

  • No parking in front of park path on Kingsmere

Weekend Social - June 11 - The French Open After Party

Come out for some food and some social tennis this Saturday: June 11, BBQ from 11 AM, drop-in round robin from 1-3 PM

Drop-In Round Robins: Reminders/ added date - Wed June 29/ No round robin on Canada Day

  • If you leave the round robin early, please let the Pro or Monitor know so that they can adjust the next round of players, and no one has to wait for you to come on court when you’ve already gone home.

  • Please arrive early – before 7 PM - if you want a chance to be in the first round. We try to have the pizza there for 6:30 PM.

  • Don’t forget to have fun!

The Club has added an extra drop-in round robin on Wednesday June 29.

There will be NO ROUND ROBIN on Friday, July 1.

Sign-Up round Robins: new start times/ day in July

The times for the sign-up round robin slots are changing in July to Wednesdays, 6:30-8 PM and 8-9:30, to help more people get to the club after work.

All Round Robins are changing to Wednesdays starting June 29.

House League Session #2 – Sundays from 6-8 PM, June 26 to August 7 - Sign up now

  • There are still lots of spots for Sunday night House League.

  • Sign up in Court reserve under Events> Club Social Activity> Sunday Evening House League – Session #2

  • (If you don’t see the Event, add a rating to your Court Reserve profile and try again.)


The Club is back to supplying balls to members this year. Check the ball holder on your booked court for the balls or pick them up from the Monitors if you are playing when we are staffed.

Please leave the balls for the next players, or give them to the Monitors for recycling into the Pros' hoppers.

Staffed hours:

7-10 AM and 5:30- 10 PM weekdays

8 AM to 6 PM Saturdays

8 AM to 8 PM Sundays.

No parking at the end of the path on Kingsmere.

The City trucks use the path along the north of the courts. Please don’t park in front of the gate to the path. (There is a No Parking sign on the gate, and no one likes tickets. )



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