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Fast 40 Tournament and Food Truck - Friday September 23 6-9:30ish PM

Good afternoon everyone,

Registration is open for our Fast 40 Tournament that runs September 23rd from 6pm to around 930 pm. You'll be able to find it under 'Club Social Activity' in CourtReserve. The Fast 40 tournament is doubles format but with individual scoring.

Participants will play 1/2 hour on, 1/2 hour off. Using all 5 courts, half of the participants (Pool 1) will play matches starting at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. The other half of the participants (Pool 2) will play their matches beginning at 6:30pm, 7:30pm and 8:30pm. There will then be a playoff from 9:00 PM onward for the people who have been the most successful in their three matches.

Your partners and opponents are assigned based on level each round, sort of like how we assign courts in our social round robins. You will have a different partner for all of your first 3 matches. If you are good at math you will have already figured out that there is a maximum of 40 registrants (20 players in each pool).

To participate, you need to have a 2.5 rating or better. If you're unsure about your rating please reply to me and I'll help you out.

We will have a food truck (Curbside Dogs) there all evening and your dinner are included in the $20 registration fee. You will have plenty of time to eat while your Pool of 20 players is off court awaiting your next match.

Those of you who want to come out and watch some tennis but not play, can book your meal under Events in CourtReserve

After the first 3 rounds of matches, I will add up everyone's scores and the top 8 players from each pool will advance to a playoff format where you will be given one partner to play with for the rest of the tournament. We will play down to a winner from the Quarter-finals.

If you have any questions about anything please let me know. I have run this tournament a few times in the past and it's always been a very fun evening of tennis.  Thanks very much, Matt Baccarani



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