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About MPTC

Wondering if the club is for you? Here's a summary of the club and its offerings. Explore the website for more.

Moore Park Tennis Club is a community tennis club in Moorevale Park (near Mount Pleasant and St Clair.)

We have a strong team of pros, a friendly membership, and an online court booking system.

No one is sure what year three of the pandemic will hold, but as we were able to run the following in 2021, we hope to run at least these programs in 2022:

  • morning and evening round robins (with commitment and signup required ahead of time)

  • doubles teams in a Mixed Evening League (the only one of our leagues that operated in 2021)

  • a Find a Partner app, that let members find others to play with,

  • a robust set of lessons and clinics for adults and children

  • Club Tournaments

We also hope to run a challenge ladder and a House League, in 2022.

If allowed, we may add back our usual weekly round robin (drop-in social tennis), and monthly round robin and bbq. (Note: If social gatherings continue to be discouraged by public health guidelines – these will not run.)

We have a practice board that can be used during the day in the week.

The park was renovated in 2020 and there are many outdoor tables that can be used for picnics. The park contains a splash pad and playground.

There are also public washrooms in the fieldhouse that are open from 9 am to dusk. Members may use the clubhouse washroom when we are open and staffed in the evenings.



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