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Online Booking Rules


Booking Window


Members may book courts 3 days in advance starting at 10 pm.  This means that, if it is earlier than 10 pm, a member may book for the current day and the two following days.  If it is 10 pm or later, a member may book for the following three days.


(For example, at 2 pm on Wednesday, a member may book any available court for the rest of Wednesday, and for anytime Thursday or Friday.  At 10 pm or later on a Wednesday, a member may book any available court for the following Thursday, Friday or Saturday.)


To encourage fair allocation of court time, each member is limited to a maximum of 4 hours of booked court time within the three day booking window.   Once you have played one of your bookings, you may top up your 4 hours, as the booking window is a rolling one.


Limits on Consecutive Play


During prime time (PT), that is, after 4 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends (other than during public hours), members may book a maximum of one hour of consecutive time for singles or 2 consecutive hours for doubles.  


Outside of prime time, that is, before 4 pm on weekdays, members may book up to 2 consecutive hours of court time, for singles or doubles.


Members are asked not to book a court, before arriving at the club, in the time slot immediately before or after an event they are in (e.g. Teams, Tournaments, House League, Round Robins, lessons). 


Although there are limits on consecutive play, if courts are unbooked before or after a member’s booked or event time, the member may make a last-minute booking that does not count towards their 4 hour maximum.  


Members may not book the subsequent playing period until their current one is over.


Types of Bookings 


Members may choose among singles, doubles or practice play.


When booking a court, for singles or doubles, the member must enter the names of all players, including guests.  The member who books the court is responsible for making sure that the people booked are available to play.  The person who books the courts will be the one who will face the penalties that accrue from no shows, or instances of players playing under other members’ names.


Practice bookings must be made on courts 1 and 5 only, before 4 pm on weekdays, and limited to a maximum of one hour.  One to four players may book a court for a practice booking.




Members bringing guests to the club must make sure that the guest’s first and last name are entered in the booking system, and that the guest fees are paid to the club attendants before claiming a booked court.  This is our pay-before-you-play rule.  Guest fees are $10 per guest.  Cash and Interac-money-transfers are accepted.  If paying in cash, bring a bill no larger than a $20.  


If the fee is not paid before the court is claimed, the club reserves the right to cancel the court booking and to consider the member to have been a no-show.  (The member showed, but, in refusing to follow club rules, forfeited the court, and kept the court from use by other members.)  Multiple no-shows will result in the suspension of booking and so of playing privileges. 


Booked Off Courts  - Lessons, Matches, and Public Hours


Pros are responsible for booking courts for lessons.  If court 5 is booked for singles or doubles, but there is another court available, MPTC Pros may bump players from court 5 to the free court, claiming court 5 for lessons.  If court 5 is booked for a practice session, (allowed only before 4 pm on weekdays), the Pro may bump the member only if court 1 is available or may simply book court 1 for the lesson.  MPTC Pros may not bump booked players if there is no court available on which to safely relocate them.


MPTC team and tournament matches will also be booked off in the system.  Members are asked to remember that they may have to wait for a match to be completed before claiming a court that was booked for after a match.  Matches are generally best of three tiebreak sets and have no set end time.


Members are allowed to play during public hours, they just cannot book courts.  They must follow the City rules for public play posted at the courts.



No-Shows: Late Arrivals, Court Cancellations, and Penalties


A booked court is held until 10 minutes after the start of the court booking time. If members, two for a singles booking, and at least three for a doubles booking, do not arrive on court within 10 minutes of their court’s start time, the booking is forfeited and latter part of their booking will become available in the booking system.  The member who booked the court will be recorded as a “no-show.”


(The time on the clubhouse computer clock is the official time for the club.)


To avoid being logged as a no-show, play on the court you have booked, or make sure to let the monitor know you are switching to a different court. Note that if you do not rebook yourself on the new court you may be bumped from that court. 


A member will also be recorded as a “no-show” if he or she does not cancel a booking that he or she no longer wants or can use at least 1 hour ahead of the booked start time.


If you need to cancel a court within an hour of the start time, due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstances, please call 647-556-7877 to advise the Monitor so that your court can be released for other members. Such cancellations will still be considered to be no-shows and will still be subject to penalty, but will be shown more leniency.


Multiple no-shows will result in the suspension of booking, and therefore playing, privileges, as all players on court must be booked in the system.


You will be warned via email after the first no-show. Two no-shows by a member, that is, two non-cancellations, will result in loss of court booking privileges for 7 days.  A subsequent, or third, no-show will result in loss of court booking privileges for a month.  A fourth no-show will result in loss of court booking and playing privileges for the remainder of the season. 


If you are suspended, you will not be able to log into the system and no other member will be able to book with you.


NOTE:  If the courts are unplayable (e.g. if it is raining or the courts are wet) when your booking starts, the club attendant will cancel your booking.  Members, that is, will not be penalized for no-shows when it rains.  Members are advised to check club conditions before deciding not to show up, however, as weather is localized.  Members must book again if the weather clears.



Other Misuse and Penalties


The booking rules will be enforced through a combination of Gametime’s programming and oversight by the the Clubhouse Attendants, the Gametime Administrator, and members of the MPTC Board of Directors.  While it may be possible to cheat the Gametime rules, members who are found to be breaking the rules will be penalized.  Repeated offences against the rules will be penalized with a series of escalating booking, and therefore playing, suspensions, and could lead to suspension or cancellation of club membership.


Updated June, 2019