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Doubles Round Robins

Competitive House League

Challenge Ladders

Summer/ Fall Drop-In Mixed Ladder

Annual Club Tournaments



Doubles Round Robins


♦ Weekily Round Robin for players rated 2.5 and above

Moore Park hosts weekly round robins on Friday nights in April, May and June and then on Wednesdays in July and August.  

♦ Doubles strategy round robin, with coaching

Doubles strategy round robin, with coaching runs on Sunday afternoons in May and June for players who are new to doubles or who want to brush up on their doubles strategy.


Challenge Ladders

Available Ladders in 2018: Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Mixed Doubles


To sign up for a ladder

1. Login to Gametime <mptc.gametime.net>

(For instructions, see the Book a Court page of this website.)


2. From your account, click on TENNIS.  


3. Click on "All Ladders" at the upper right corner of the booking grid. 


4. Choose the ladder you want to play on from drop down menu


5. Click on the Join this Ladder button. 


Note:  Social doubles ladder, please have only one member of the pair sign up for both of you. 


Scoring: First to 8 games, or winner after one hour, whichever comes first.


Challengee has 7 days to respond to challenger's challenge.


(It's a good idea to send the person you've challenged an email if they haven't responded to the Gametime challenge yet.  You can look up emails under "People" in Gametime or log in to this website and check the Member Directory.)


Questions or problems, contact our Competitions Director



Competitive House League


Login to this website and click the House League tab from your profile page to access a list of participants and their contact info. 

  • Friendly but competitive matches on Sunday nights.
  • Matches will take place at 7 PM and 8 PM.
  • Players will play on teams of 6 or 8 people.
  • Players play in either one or the other time slot.
  • A league schedule will be distributed in advance of the first match. 
  • Any player who cannot play as scheduled must find their own replacement. 
  • (Contact info for participants and subs will be made available.)


League dates

First Sunday in May through June until all teams have played one another. 

(No matches on the Victoria Day holiday.)


Match Rules

  • A match will consist of 14 no-ad doubles games or one hour whichever comes first.
  • A single point will be credited for each game won and will be added to a seasonal team score.
  • Weekly scores will be posted on the website.
  • Participants must sign in 10 minutes prior to their starting times.
  • Balls will be provided by the club.


Teams and Team Rules

  • Including the Team Captain, each team will consist of a minimum of 6 or 8 participants, depending on registration numbers.
  • Teams will be made up by the league organizer at the start of the schedule.
  • Participants should expect to play at least 4 out of 7 evenings. It is up to you to find a spare if you cannot play in your allotted time.


  • Playing abilities will be intermediate (3.0 and 3.5) at 7 PM and advanced (4.0 and up) at 8 PM.  Please be realistic about your own level.
  • If you can’t commit to at least 4 out of 7 evenings, or to finding a sub for yourself, sign up on the sub list.
  • In the event of a large sign up, club members on MPTC teams will be put on the sub list.


Volunteer Team Captains

  • Team Captains will be required to ensure that a nightly team score has been recorded and submitted.
  • Minimal phoning and e-mailing will be required.


Summer/ Fall Drop-In Mixed Ladder


  1. Registration is online.  Check your email in July for an invitation to register.
  2. If there is room, new participants may start at anytime, but must contact the Ladder Organizer to have themselves placed on the appropriate rung of the ladder before ladder night.  Check your email for the Ladder Organizer.
  3. Once you have registered you will still have to check in with the Clubhouse Monitor each night you arrive to play on the ladder.  We need to know you have arrived to play in order to be able to assign you the appropriate court.


Minimum Standards for Ladder Participation:

While MPTC does not wish to exclude any tennis member from ladder play, a minimum set of standards is necessary for the enjoyment of all participants.


To participate in a tennis ladder, a player must be rated at a 2.5 level or better, as described in the US NTRP rating scheduled and the Tennis Canada self-rating guide.  (See end of this document to see the 2.5 description.)


This rating would encompass:

  1. A basic understanding of tennis scoring and how to play a game.
  2. A basic understanding of tennis etiquette.



  1. The pro will establish the standings for the first week in consultation from the other tennis professionals on staff, club captains and club monitors. The Standings will be published weekly.


  1. Each week thereafter, the standings are adjusted according to the following criteria:


  1. 1st place= 4 points, 2nd place=3points, 3rd place=2 points, 4th place=1 point. On a court of 5 people, 2nd and 3rd receive 3 points each.


  1. In the event of tie scores, the players will share the total amount of points. Eg: If there is a tie for first in the box, each player will receive 3.5 points (7 total available points)


  1. Any late entries in the ladder will be placed by the pro suitable to that player’s ability.  The pro also reserves the right to put any late entrants at the bottom of the ladder.


  1. Wild Cards may be given to new players, or players who have been absent for an extended period of time.



  1. Players must sign in at least 10 minutes before play is scheduled to start so groups can be assigned. Once groups have been established, it will be too late for others to join.


  1. Players accepted to the ladder are deemed to play regularly.  Should any regular player be unable to play on a specific date they will not lose any points but will forfeit the ability to win any points for that week.  




Each week the ladder-standing list is divided into groups of four or five people, with possibly a smaller group of three only when unavoidable. 


  1. Five People on the court:  Five rounds of six “no ad” games will be played.  Again, each round will be played to a total of 6 games regardless of time. The player rotations are as follows:


Round 1        1 & 5 vs 2 & 3 (4 sits out)

Round 2        1 & 2 vs 4 & 5 (3 sits out)

Round 3        1 & 3 vs 2 & 4 (5 sits out)

Round 4        1 & 4 vs 3 & 5 (2 sits out)

Round 5        2 & 5 vs 3 & 4 (1 sits out)




  1. Four people on a court: Three rounds of eight “no ad” games will be played. Again, each round will be played to a total of 8 games regardless of time with the following rotations:


Round 1        1 & 4 vs. 2 & 3

Round 2        1 & 3 vs. 2 & 4

Round 3        1 & 2 vs. 3 & 4


  1. The total number of games won by each player should be recorded on the sheet.  If a result is not recorded, the score will be treated as zero. 


  1. At the beginning of each new round, the players should flip for side or serve and should change ends every odd game. 


  1. Groups of three players have a choice of three rounds of “cut throat” consisting of eight “no ad” games each or three “no ad” games of singles each round. 


Annual Club Tournaments

All the Club Tournaments are in September.

Sign up is online via club emails or, login to this website, and click on the Tournament sign-up link at the top of the Member Portal page. 

Level 2.5

Groundstrokes (forehand and backhand): Can rally consistenly 10 balls in a row, especially on the forehand, with an arched trajectory over the net when the objective is to hit to a partner at moderate speed.

Return of Serve: In singles, consistent when returning towards the middle of the court. In doubles, difficulty returning cross- court to start the point.

Net play (volleys and overheads): Becoming at ease at the net in practice but uncomfortable in a game situation.


Attempting a full service motion on the first serve. First serve in inconsistent (less than 50%). Uses an incomplete motion to ensure a steady second serve.

(Source: <https://www.tenniscanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Self-Rating-Guide-English.pdf>)


Questions on Intra-Club Competitions?  Contact the Club's Competitions Director for answers.


Updated August 2018.