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Club Rules

I. Club and Clubhouse Hours

Club hours

Staffed Clubhouse hours

Public Hours

II. Court Booking Procedures

1. Members

2. Guests

3. Non-Members

III. Court and Clubhouse Etiquette

IV. Tennis Attire

V. Non-Adherence to Club Rules

VI.  Complaint Resolution


Club rules assist in ensuring a welcoming and safe environment for members, their guests, and non-members who have paid to play for the day.   They offer all players the opportunity for equitable playing time along with favourable and enjoyable playing conditions.



I. Club and Clubhouse Hours  


Moore Park Tennis Club (MPTC) is a not-for-profit community tennis club managed by volunteers for the benefit of its members.  The Club pays an annual permit fee to the City of Toronto to operate the club on the courts during Club hours and to use the Clubhouse seven days a week from April to October. The Club pays for court resurfacing, nets, lights, tennis balls and Clubhouse Attendants.  The Clubhouse is staffed, and tennis balls provided to members, during Clubhouse hours only.  


Club hours:


Monday to Friday, and Public Holidays: 7 am to 11 pm

Saturdays: 8 am to 7 pm

Sundays:    8 am to 9 pm


Staffed Clubhouse hours:


Monday to Friday:  4 pm to 10:30 pm 

Saturday: 8 am to 5 pm


8 am to 9 pm, between May 7 and July 15 in 2017

8 am to 5 pm before and after House League/ Drop-in Ladder season.

Statutory and Civic Holidays:  8 am to 10:30 pm


Public Hours:


Saturdays: 7 to 11 pm

Sundays: 9 to 11 pm


(Public Hours are hours in which members of the public can play on the courts.  Rules for public hours are posted at the courts.)



II. Court Booking Procedures


During club hours, all players must be ‘tagged up’ in the MPTC online booking system prior to going on a court.


1. Members


(a)   Every member has access to an account with the Gametime booking system, through which they can book courts in advance. To sign up or book a court, visit mptc.gametime.net.  Only members who are booked in the Gametime system have the right to the courts they have booked.  Members who are booked in the system may bump members who have simply walked on court.



(b) Courts may be booked for different lengths of time.  (See the specific online booking rules here for details.) If a member arrives at the clubhouse before their booked period, and sees free courts, they may book them up until their original booking starts.  If courts are empty after a member has played their booked period, the member may book a further session.  Members may not book a court for the subsequent playing period, until their original booking is over.   


(c) Members may not book a court in the time slot immediately before or after an event they are in (i.e. Teams, Tournaments or House League). However, if they arrive early or want to stay later, and there is an available court, the member may claim it in booking system.



(d) A booked court is held for 10 minutes. If the members do not arrive on court within 10 minutes of their court start time, the booking is forfeited, and the court becomes available in the booking system to other members.  The members who did not arrive on time will be recorded as “no-shows.”  Multiple no-shows will result in the suspension of booking and therefore playing privileges.


The Clubhouse computer’s clock is the official court time.    


(e) The Clubhouse Attendant will provide two new tennis balls per court at the beginning of play each day.  These balls will be replaced after they exhibit wear and tear. Members are asked to hand the balls to the oncoming players or to return them to the Clubhouse at the end of their playing period.  


2. Guests


(a) A guest is a person who is not a member of the club but is brought to the club by a member because the member wishes to play with their guest(s). Members must play on the court with their guest(s) in order for the player(s) to be considered a guest.


(b) Members are responsible for entering their guests’ names into the booking system and making sure the guest fee of $10 is paid to the Clubhouse Attendant before play starts. 


(c) In any playing period, a maximum of one court may be made available for use by members and their guests.  All other courts shall remain available for members-only play. 


(e) Guests must comply with all Club Rules.



3. Non-Members


(a) A non-member is a person who is not a member of the club and not a guest of member.  Before being allowed to play at MPTC, non-Members must check in with the Clubhouse Attendant.  Non-members can only begin to play if no other non-members have been registered for the day, no guests are playing on the courts, and if two courts are free. For clarity:  At no time shall more than one court be used by Non-Members, or members and their guests.


(b) Non-Members will be allowed to become members for the day by paying a Non-Member fee of $10 per player before they begin to play. The Clubhouse Attendant will enter the players’ names into the booking system and allow them to play as members for the rest of the day.


(d) Players who pay the non-member fee become members for the day.  Their privileges and duties are identical to those of regular members.  Non-Members must comply with all Club Rules.



III. Court and Clubhouse Etiquette


(a) The game of tennis depends on courtesy and fairness.  Sportsmanlike, respectful and courteous behaviour is required at all times on the courts and in and around the clubhouse.    


(b) Avoid disrupting other courts: Always enter the courts by the gate closest to your court, and    wait for a break in play before you enter or cross behind other courts.   


(c) For the safety of all players, wait until there is a break in play to request the return of a ball from another court or to return a ball to another court.   Do not cross on to or behind another court to retrieve a ball.  Do not return a ball while play is in progress on another court.  


(d) Remove any garbage, food, drinks, clothes, towels, cans or balls from the courts when you leave to ensure a safe and clean environment.  


(e) Ball hoppers or ball machines may be used on Courts 1 and 5 only.  No spectators, strollers, bicycles, dogs, or other non-tennis related items are permitted on the courts at any time.  


(f) Behaviour such as yelling, profanity, or racquet throwing will not be tolerated.  Cell phones, pagers, beepers must be turned off.  


(g) A Member who exhibits disruptive behaviour, such as making excessive noise, or unsafe behaviour, such as entering or crossing behind a court where play is in progress, may be asked to leave the court.  


(h) Only staff and current members of the MPTC Board of Directors are permitted in the clubhouse’s kitchen.   




IV. Tennis Attire


All players must wear appropriate tennis attire and non-marking tennis shoes.  For the protection of players and of the court surface, no jogging, running or other shoes may be worn on the courts. Tennis shirts must be worn at all times on the courts and around the clubhouse.  




V. Non-Adherence to Club Rules


(a) The Clubhouse Attendants, members of the Board of Directors, and the Club Professional are tasked with ensuring that members comply with the rules.    


(b) Members who do not adhere to the rules may be asked to leave the court, may be warned of their breach, may be excluded from participating in some club activities, and may have their membership suspended or cancelled.    


(c) Members may report breaches of the rules in writing to the Club President.  The Board of Directors, or a committee approved by the board, makes decisions regarding warnings, exclusions, suspensions and cancellations of membership.  



VI.  Complaint Resolution


(a) Please direct any complaints in writing to the Club President, specifying which club rule you believe has been broken.  


(b)  If the President, in consultation with the Club Board, agrees that the complaint indicates a breach of a club rule, the President will respond in writing to all parties directly concerned, or witness to some event, in order to understand what has happened. If no rule is considered to have been breached, the President will respond to the member to that effect.


(d) The President may or may not invite the parties concerned to discuss the issue, with the President and some other member of the executive acting as mediator and note-taker.


(e) After review and discussion of the complaint, the Board will decide how best and most fairly to address the complaint.


(f) The President will communicate the Board’s decision to all parties directly involved.



 Updated  June 2018.



Moore Park Tennis Club Bylaws


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