Special Rules for 2021 - Staying safe

The special rules and City COVID Guidelines trump the usual club rules until the pandemic is over.    

  • Stay home if you are ill, even if symptoms are minor. (Also stay home if or have been in close contact with people exhibiting COVID symptoms, or have returned from travel outside Canada, in the last 14 days.)

  • Whenever possible keep a minimum distance of 2m/6ft from others when on and off the courts.

  • Please do not crowd the gates, and when passing through them leave 3m/9+ft of space between you and others who do not live with you.

  • Wear your mask while in the clubhouse or public washroom, and when speaking with a staff member at a distance less than 2m/6ft. 

  • Book your court in advance of arriving at the club. 

  • As per club rules and for Covid tracing purposes, your booking must be accurate, with players on courts matching the names in the booking system.

  • Follow the rules posted at the club as well as the usual club rules.

For more detailed rules and precautions you can take, please see the City of Toronto's Guide for Users of Recreational Amenities.

Note: Washroom access - mask needed

The Clubhouse is closed to the public until further notice, except for staff or a member requiring washroom access or first aid.

Members are required to use the public washrooms during the hours the public washrooms are open.

If the public washrooms are locked, the member must receive permission from a Court Monitor to enter the clubhouse.



Guests in 2021
Booking Guests 


Guests can be booked in Court Reserve by selecting  either Singles with Guest or Doubles with Guest and specify the number of guests (1 for singles, 1, 2 or 3 for doubles) when you book. 

The guest fee, $10 per guest, must be paid by credit card when the guest is booked.  In 2021, to maintain a touchless process, no other form of payment will be accepted.  Neither you nor your guest can pay at the club.


Guests need to sign a club waiver, preferably before arriving at the club.

Please have them sign at


Checking in


When they arrive at MPTC, your guests will need to: 

  • Check in with one of our monitors.

  • Confirm the Guest Waiver has been signed. 

  • Confirm they are feeling fine



The names of all guests must match the names that are recorded in the court booking system. If they do not, ask the monitor to update the booking so that our records are correct. They will do this for you once but repeated infractions may lead to a suspension of your guest privileges.


Last minute guests (that is, guests booked within 30 minutes of the playing period) will not be accommodated.

Guests and Rules

As specified in the Club’s Code of Conduct, the member is responsible for his or her guests.  Guests are required to follow the same club rules and etiquette as Moore Park members. 




Non-members are not allowed in club hours in 2021

MPTC considers people who are just dropping by to play tennis and who, unlike guests, are not being hosted by members, to be non-members.

Due to the potential difficulty of informing non-members in the event of a case of COVID 19, non-members will not be allowed on court during club hours.

They are welcome to play during public hours and at any of the public courts in the City. 

Conditions of Use on Community Tennis Clubs Permits in Toronto in 2021 :


1.The Permit Holder must adhere to and agree by signature to Tennis Conditions & COVID19 Operational Declaration prior to use of space. Please review and sign.


2.The City of Toronto has a Zero Tolerance Alcohol Policy.

3.Rates identified on this permit are subject to change based on City Council direction.


4.Insurance must be attained in the amount of $2-5 million dollars naming, The City of Toronto as additional insured. Proof of such insurance must be provided in advance of the permitted date(s).

5.This permit provides approval solely for the stated activity indicated on the permit.


6.Amateur and recreational tennis (singles and doubles) may resume so long as they do not allow prolonged or deliberate physical contact between players or if they have modifications to avoid physical contact between players.


7.Concerns or disputes relating to Tennis Clubs should contact Client Services by email at PFRCustomerservice or 416 396-7378.


8.Toronto Public Health strongly encourages residents who are at higher risk of contracting and becoming seriously ill from COVID -19 infection, to self-isolate, limit interaction with others, and to stay home as much as possible.


9.Where possible, online or phone reservations and payment is recommended. All other payment should be conducted using card.


10.If allowed, the maximum capacity for indoor facilities must not exceed the Provincial Orders in the existing zone.


11.Members must follow and respect all existing Provincial Orders, P,F& R requirements and Toronto Public Health Guidelines in accordance with the current zone.


12.Operators and permit holders agree to adhere to the Toronto Public Health guidelines related Toronto Public Health COVID -19 Guidelines for Outdoor Recreational Amenities) by providing signature below