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Intra-club play 

House League, signup Signups for the Signup Round Robins will be on Court Reserve under Events> List. 


Tryouts are typically in April, at the club. 

Signups for team tryouts will be posted on Court Reserve under Events> List. 


To see only the Teams Events, tick the Teams category and make sure the others are unticked. 


Coached practices run in May and June. 

Signups for team practices will be posted on Court Reserve under Events> List. 


A nominal fee of $5 is required as part of the practice signup. 

Tennis Match

Club policies on teams

  • To assure maximum participation, members must pick one team as their primary team.

  • To make a team, players must attend at least one tryout.

  • The Club may hold tryouts indoors if weather does not allow for outdoor play. Players who commit to tryouts, commit to paying any fees associated with tryouts.  That is, if you confirm that you will be attending a tryout, you will be charged any applicable court fees whether you show up or not.

  • Teams' practices are restricted to team players, including regular roster players and official substitutes.

  • To avoid defaults, captains may draw players from other club teams when permissible under the respective League rules.  Players may be drawn from other club members only after confirming the unavailability of all regular team members and substitutes.

  • If the club membership fills up before tryouts, you must be a member to tryout.  

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