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Waiting List for 2020

If you are not currently a member and would like to join our club, please put yourself, and any of your family members or friends who would like to join, on our waitlist. Everyone who wants to join needs to be listed as an individual on the waitlist. 


Members are given the option to renew their membership each year, before new members are invited to join.


If you would like to sign everyone up using one email, you can, with a small alteration of the email for each separate person.  If the original email is bestfamily@fab.net then the first parent could use bestfamily@fab.net; the second parent could use bestfamily@@fab.net; the first child could use bestfamily@@@fab.net.....  The additional @ will make the email seem unique to our registration system, while any emails sent to any of the email addresses will end up at the original, single @, email address.


There is no obligation for signing up. Don’t be put off by the length of the existing list, as many people sign themselves up at multiple clubs and so not everyone on the list will ultimately sign up at MPTC.



Parents, please note:  

Juniors may join the club by either purchasing a Junior Club Membership or by registering in any of our MPTC junior instructional programs. Our MPTC junior instructional programs include a complimentary Junior Program Membership for the year of the program.  Please note that this Junior Program Membership is not renewable for the following year. Once children with complimentary Junior Program Memberships stop taking lessons, their complimentary membership lapses.  Juniors with Junior Program Memberships who wish to register as Junior Club Members (which is a renewable membership) or as Adult Members if they are over 18 will need to add their names to our waiting list.



To put yourself, family or friends, on the waitlist, click on the green button at the right of this page.


To check your spot on the waitlist, look below.  To find a name while saving your eyes, use your keyboard's FIND function:  Cntrl F for PCs and Command F for Macs.


Registration Dates

In January, after we have processed any returning members, we send out our first batch of invitations to people on our waitlist. We send out invitations in batches in order to maintain people’s priority on the list.

People who do not respond to our invitation are assumed to no longer be interested in joining the club and so will be taken off the waitlist. Anyone can reregister on the list if they become interested in the club again.


How quickly the club fills depends on how many waves of invitations we will need to issue. Our practice is to invite as many as we room for and give people two weeks to register and pay for their membership.


When the club is full, if the club fills, we will post the news on this homepage.


If you are waiting to get in, note at the beginning of the season where you are on list in relation to other people around you. When your name, and those around you, disappear from the list it is because we have sent an invitation to register to the email address you gave us. If your name disappears and you did not receive an invitation - (check that it didn’t end up in your junk folder) -  it will be because you did not update your email in our system. If you notice this in time our Membership Director may still be able to help you register; contact her and remember in the future to let us know of any changes in your contact info.



Waitlist for the 2020 Season, in order of priority

PriorityFirst NameLast NameFamily Members
1 Warren Corber Allan Corber
2 Valerie Feher
3 Manny Urbino
4 Kalia Garcia-Rojas Kalia Garcia-Rojas
Andres Garcia-Rojas
Ivan Lauzon
5 Varun Thakur
6 Lani Zigelstein Mike Davidson
7 Carly Fidler
8 Erika Lee
9 Jane Gill Ben Hawkins
Gill Hawkins
10 Jasmina Simunic
11 Pauline Ng James Campbell
12 Myka Quilacio
13 Ashley Reardon Jeff Erickson
14 conrad dabiet
15 Kristine Sultmanis
16 Maritza Saito
17 Matt Busbridge
18 Miguel Mendoza Camilla Mendoza
19 Kelsey Ng Patrick Chiu
Rachel Chiu
Dylan Chiu
Preston Chiu
20 Mary Peplinski
21 Andrei Meltcher
22 Mustafa Yusuf
23 Sally Look Yan sherri look yan
24 Jo-Ann McArthur Ted Scott
25 delia luca alice luca
26 Jan Mollenhauer Derek Mollenhauer
27 Manny Simoes
28 Taebong Chung Nicole Chung
Taebong Chung
Elise Chung
29 Alyson Chapman Charlie Donovan
Peirce Donovan
Katie Donovan
30 Philip Kiameh
31 Frhan Alanazi
32 Victoria Osten Philip Osten
33 Olga Velandia
34 Derek McKenzie
35 Angelina Tryon
36 Derek Jansen
37 Raquel Genio
38 Emily Brearton
39 Riley Webb Emily Brearton
40 Rana Arbabian
41 Alana Oliver Andrew Oliver
42 Mauricio Andres Rubio Vannes Mauricio Alejandro Rubio Ferrer
43 chelsea jorge tyler jorge
44 Jeffrey Histed
45 Luka Juricic
46 Tijana Juricic
47 Abigale Kam
48 Terry Brodie
49 Alison Byrne
50 Eleonore Garrigues Franklin Garrigues
51 Katie Gosnell Oliver Corey
Katie Gosnell
52 Victoria Davies
53 Jairany Pacheco
54 Gene Parker
55 Brigitte Rabazo
56 susan sheridan Nick Tresniowski
57 Emma Carscadden Catherine Needham
58 Yarden Bourlas
59 Gail MacLeod
60 Jack Anderson
61 Paul James
62 Kaitlynn Yu Weng
63 Ashli MacInnis
64 Christina Carr
65 Abbie Gagne
66 KATYA MARSHALL Vanessa Marshall
67 Ada Ma
68 Ryan Hung Derek Hung
69 Luka Stevanovic
70 Sarah Lowy Angus Henderson
Noah Henderson
71 Deepak Bagh Beatrice Copps
72 JOCELYN BOK Sarah Birenbaum
73 Don Mayo Nicol Kalman
Dylan Perrier
Taegan Perrier
74 SHANXIAO DAI Yingna Cui
Jinyu Dai
75 Julie DUgo Paul Giamberardino
76 Elena Afanassieva
77 Brad Cressman
78 Karen Paquin
79 Rasha El-Tamimi Ross Afzalimehr
Zachary Afzalimehr
Ryan Afzalimehr
80 Brett Feeley
81 Sean Teperman
82 Rosana Ibanez
83 Jason Chiu
84 Rita Strah
85 Deepak Jayaram
86 asad said Adam Said
87 Alex Murphy
88 Sung Hwang Onwoo Hwang
89 Julie Murphy
90 Iona Mitchell Dave Chriske
91 Nancy Chew Noah Hill
92 Todd Anderson Sebastian Anderson
93 Jennifer Marks Randy Marks
94 Evelyn Nelson
95 Owen Moorhouse Catherine Moorhouse
96 Francess Wells
97 Jan Stapleton
98 john mckenzie
99 Paul Hemrend
100 Andrew Kerr
101 Jessica Rakowski Jessica Rakowski
102 Laurie Ostrander
103 Camille Quenneville
104 Frances Tam Miroslaw Bobyk
105 Kennis Tam Mariam El-Abed
106 Donnie Doran
New Members
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