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Moore Park Tennis Club offers members a variety of ways to compete.  


Teams (Click for more info)


For those interested in inter-club competition, we field three evening teams (Ladies' League, Division 3, Men's League B1 Team, Mixed InterCounty B Team) and a Ladies' Daytime Team (Ladies' League, C2, C3). 


For those interested in league play, here are some important things to note.

  1. To assure maximum participation, members can be on only one club team.
  2. To make a team, players must attend at least one tryout.
  3. Players who commit to tryouts, commit to paying any fees associated with tryouts.  That is, in case of the tryout,  because of inclement weather, has to be at an indoor facility players will be responsible for court costs and this fee would be paid prior to the tryout date.
  4. Team practices are restricted to team players, including regular roster players and official substitutes.
  5. In order to avoid defaults, captains may draw players from other club teams when necessary and when permissible under the respective League rules.  Players may be drawn from other club members only after confirming the unavailability of all regular team members and substitutes.


Intra-Club Competition (Click for more info)


Within the Club, we offer weekly round robins, a house league, men's and women's singles and mixed doubles ladders, and an annual tournament.