MPTC Annual General Meeting: Sunday October 4th, 3 pm at the Clubhouse.

If you are unable to attend, please fill out your proxy with this form.

Candidates for election to the 2016 Board of Directors are listed below.


Annual General Meeting


Sunday, October 4, 2015

3 pm

Tennis Clubhouse, Moorevale Park



1. Call to order

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes from the last Annual General Meeting – September 28, 2014.


4. Business Arising from the minutes


5. Reports

  • President’s Report (Fiona Miller)
  • VP- City Liaison Report on the Lights. (Larry Pick)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Rohan Menon)

6. Other Business: Discussion of MPTC Team Rules (See list below.) 


7. Appointment of Accountant

8. Election of Directors for 2016 Season (See list below.)   

    MPTC is looking for 11 people to fill its board of directors.


9. Adjournment



6) Other Business (Details)

The following suggestions were sent in by a member.  They were too late, under MPTC Bylaws, to be motions, but members may wish to discuss the suggestions and the 2016 board is asked to take them into consideration.

Goal #1: To create a more transparent team tryout process and to provide all prospective players an equal opportunity to make a competitive team.

Possible Steps to the Goal:

1)  Pros manage the team selection process.    Pros should: be present; observe playing ability; take notes; reate pairings for match play; record scores of match play; look at previous years and past records.  


2)  Only those who tryout for the team, attending the spring team tryouts, should be allowed to play for a team.  Tryouts must be made mandatory for anyone wishing to make a team.  Players must be physically present and prepared to take the court. 


3) Where applicable, the selection process should also include consideration of past performance records which are easily obtainable on the Intercounty Tennis and Toronto Ladies Tennis Leagues web sites.  


4) Captains should be elected by the team only after the tryout selection process  has been completed.


Goal #2:  Maximize the number of members who can play on teams.


Possible Steps to the Goal:


Make it a rule that Club members can play on one team only (subs must be drawn from the team roster and not from other club teams).  


8. Elections of Directors

Candidates for the 2016 Board (in order of declaration of candidacy).

Lawrence Pick


Cheryll Corness

I wish to run for election to the Board of Directors.  I have been a Moore Park member for over twenty years, and a Board member for the past few years where I have most recently served as Secretary to the Board.

My not-for-profit experience includes several years on the Board of the Ontario Tennis Association as well as being a member of the City of Toronto’s Tennis Committee which developed the City’s Policy on Community Tennis Clubs.  

I support the Board’s objective of offering a range of tennis activities at the club which meet the needs of members, as well as providing an excellent coach.  I myself have derived a great deal of enjoyment from playing tennis and have met some wonderful people along the way.  I would like to continue to contribute to the well-being of the club


Jason Tam


Jean Sawaya


Rohan Menon


Anita Pick

I am running for a director’s position in this year’s MPTC board election. 

About me:

I have served on the board since 2008.  Over the years I have been the Communications Coordinator, Secretary and currently am the Membership Coordinator. 

I have also been the captain of the Ladies Daytime Team since 2008

My objective on the board has always been to support the club in a positive and constructive fashion and to improve the club experience for all of our members.


Siobhan Rea

I am running to be a Director because I really love this tennis club, and I want to contribute more to the organization.  I’ve been a member for 3 years, and I have been lucky to play for 2 seasons on the Ladies Daytime team, and to sub for one season on the Ladies Evening team.  I have enjoyed round robins, competitions, and the great community and energy our club has.  Now it is my turn to give back to the club. I consider myself to be a team player, and would like to help our club be the best it can be.  I am a non-practising lawyer who was called to the bar in 1999, but please don’t hold that against me!  I have made great friends at this club, and have had the chance to improve my tennis at the same time.  I know we are lucky to have such a wonderful club in the heart of the city, and if elected, I will do my best to ensure that this club continues to be a great place to be a member!  Thanks.  Siobhan Rea (pronounced She-vonne Ray) 


Andre Velloso


Eric Silva


John Mantzoris


Immanuel Lanzaderas

     I would like to declare my intention to run as a candidate for the Board of Directors for Moore Park Tennis Club.  I have been a member of Moore Park for the past three years.  Our club is a great community resource and asset. Currently, I am a staff lawyer for Legal Aid Ontario.  Prior to that, I worked in private practice, at a labour and human rights law firm.

     I have years of experience as a director for non-profits; and currently sit on the board for two organizations.  I am the HR committee chair for the board for the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival; and I also sit on the board for the Canadian Training Institute, a non-profit that specialises in training workers who deal with people in crisis.  

     Moore Park is undergoing some changes at the moment, and I would like to ensure that these changes benefit everyone - not just a select few.  I also hope to assist with lobbying efforts to finally get our lighting renovations approved by the City.  As a member of the board for the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers, I assisted with advocacy and lobbying efforts through meetings with politicians and judges.


Anthony Oliveira


Derek Johnstone


The Fall Junior Program is now accepting registrations.

Click on this link to the registration form to download the form.  The program starts just after Labour Day.

Upcoming events:


September 14 to 20, Ladies' Doubles & Men's Doubles 

September 21 to 27, Ladies' and Men's Singles  

September 30th:  Club Round Robin, 6 to dark then pizza.  


Sunday October 4th:

              BBQ at noon;  round robin from 1-2:45.  MPTC Annual General Meeting:  3 pm at the Clubhouse.

Wednesday, October 7th, from 6 pm MPTC Year End Party (Details just below.)

  • Midtown Gastro Hub, 1535 YONGE STREET, 2nd floor, (east side of Yonge at Heath)
  • Included: drink, snacks, chance to win a door prize.
  • $15 in advance (buy at clubhouse) or $20 at the door.


Any Suggestions???

Moore Park Tennis Club now has a suggestion box. Got any bright ideas on how to improve the friendliest club in Toronto? Well check out the website and let us know.


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Upcoming Events:

Sunday, October 4:  BBQ at noon, Round Robin from 1-2:45 p.m,  MPTC Annual General Meeting at 3 pm at the Clubhouse

Wednesday, October 7th: MPTC Year-End Party!  Midtown Gastro Hub, 1535 YONGE STREET,

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